The Diocesan Appeal [Formerly the Bishop's Appeal]

When the Diocesan Appeal was launched in July, 2020, our churches were at a limited capacity and there was no obligation to attend Mass because of the Pandemic. As a result, the Appeal is behind where it should be at this time even with the extra time provided this year.  As we approach the June 30, 2021 deadline and completion for the Appeal we thank those who have, once again, so generously contributed and we ask those who have not yet made their contribution to do so without delay.  Please remember that the Appeal funds the day to day operations of the diocesan offices which support the parishes in carrying out their pastoral ministry and caring for our parishioners throughout the diocese.  Here are just a few of the offices upon which we call for support:

Architecture and Building                                                   Finance Office                                  Marriage and Family Life

Catholic Charities                                                                 Scouting                                             Human Resources

Information Technologies                                                     The Chancery                                     Kateri Institute

Stewardship and Development                                             The Tribunal                                       Faith Formation

Prayer and Worship                                                                Pastoral Planning                              Vicars General

Vocations                                                                                  Vicar for Clergy                                  Consultation Center

Office of the Diaconate                                                            Communications                                 Safe Environment                  Also, the Appeal funds the full six year scholarship of the thirty-nine men in formation for the priesthood and the six men in formation for the diaconate.  The funding of Catholic Charities supports its vital ministry throughout the fourteen counties of our diocese.  During this past year of the Pandemic the diocese has assisted the parishes in a great many ways without which it would have been more difficult than it has been. 


If you have not yet made your contribution we encourage you to reply to one of the mailings you have received from the diocese.  If you have not received any Diocesan Appeal mailings but would like to contribute we ask you to do one of the following: Contribute online at or give by check providing the following information:   

Name_________________________   Amount___________________



Mail to: Diocesan Appeal, Office of Stewardship and Development  40 North Main Avenue, Albany, NY12203

Thus far, our contributions have totaled $57,980.00 of our $81,983.00 goal.  Thank you for your consideration of the Diocesan Appeal.

April 27, 2021