Festa 2020

August 7, 8, 9


Hffeading 1

festa 2020 cancelled.jpg

We the Festa committee, as I’m sure all of you, wait in anticipation for our Festa each August as a sign that Summer is in full bloom and as a show that our community is alive and strong.  Unfortunately, 2020 Has developed into the most unusual year with challenges that forced us to rethink this year’s Festa.

During the past few months we have listened to our leaders and have learned quite a bit about how the COVID-19 virus affects everyone from our young, to our elderly.  In addition, our leaders have also developed ways for us to reduce our risk from the virus.  However, with large events such as our Festa, the ways we have to protect ourselves from the virus become extremely unreliable and difficult to implement. 

In order to do our part towards protecting all the Festa volunteers and everyone in our community, we have regrettably concluded that the only option we have is to cancel this year’s Festa.

While this is certainly sad news, be assured that our community is alive and strong, and that together with God’s grace we can beat this virus and look forward to the 2021 Festa.   We pray for the safety of all those in our community.  Thank you for your support and may God bless you all. 

~Jim Stagnitti, Steve Masullo, Tony Flores