Please patronize these organizations.  They make our weekly bulletin possible.

We are looking for sponsors for our weekly bulletin. If you would like to promote your business or sponsor a personal or memorial ad please contact Diocesan Publications at 1-800-233-8200       Sponsors are needed to support our bulletin and it’s a great way to promote your message to our families on a weekly basis. Thank you!  

Rotterdam Heating & Air Conditioning 

518 356-2162  http://www.rotterdamheating.com/

DeMarco Stone  518 355-5770,

518 356-5925  https://www.demarcostonefuneralhome.com/

D V Electric  518 356-6707 

Divine Mercy Shrine,  

Stockbridge Ma.  https://www.shrineofdivinemercy.org/


Bellevue Cafe  518 393-7720  https://www.thebellevuecafe.com/


Bond Funeral Home 

518 346-8424  https://www.bondfuneralhome.com/


Dunkin Donuts at the 5 Corners  518 374-2761


Grand Premier  518 477-4753  https://grandpremiertire.com/

Towne Decorators 

518 355-2142  https://www.townedecorators.com/

Rotterdam Septic Services 

518 887-2241  http://www.rotterdamsepticsystems.com/

​Granna's Treasures 518 952-7569

Miranda Real Estate: Charles & Paula Ross 

518 423-7671 https://www.mirandarealestategroup.com/about/profile/1566791/

Voris Landscaping, Inc.  https://www.vorislandscaping.com