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Over 30 years ago a court decision was rendered which legalized abortion throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.  This decision, Roe v. Wade, is the reason over 1 million abortions have been committed in the U.S. each year

To help stop the anti-life push around the world, the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen encouraged the spiritual adoption of an unborn child.  This is done by praying that the one particular but unknown child’s life be spared abortion and be allowed to continue to live.

To help accomplish this, it was recommended an individual say the following daily prayer for a period of nine months.

Bishop Fulton Sheen's Spiritual Adoption of Unborn baby

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,

I love you very much.

I beg you to save the life of the unborn baby

that I have spiritually adopted,

and is in danger

of abortion.


Mary, our Mother in Heaven,

pray for us,

and especially for your little ones

in danger of abortion!

October 2019:  Respect Life Parish Baby Shower: Thank you for the generous donations collected from our parishioners during the month of October for Birthright of Schenectady. Birthright is a friend that a pregnant woman needs. They provide non-judgmental support and love to pregnant women and their unborn children. Birthright’s focus is on loving the mother, reminding her that there is hope and ensuring she is not alone. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Here are a few pictures of the generous donations. Your support, generosity, and thoughtfulness are deeply appreciated. God bless each and every one of you.

The need for legislation protecting the rights of conscience and religious liberty has grown more pressing.  Please co-sponsor the Health Care Conscience Right Act [H.R. 940, S. 1204] and work for its approval as part of ‘must-pass’ legislation.  Go to:    Protect the Rights of Conscience and Religious Liberty.




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