Baptism: Baptisms are the first Sunday of the month.  Please contact the parish office, at 518 346-4926 x 122.


First CommunionPreparation for the Sacrament of 1st Communion, also referred to as Eucharist, is preparation for a lifetime that only begins with 1st Communion.


Catholics believe the Eucharist, or Communion, is both a sacrifice and a meal. We believe in the real presence of Jesus, who died for our sins. As we receive Christ’s Body and Blood, we also are nourished spiritually and brought closer to God.


Children and Youth


A child who was baptized Catholic and is at least 7 years of age is eligible to receive 1st Communion after sufficient preparation. Here at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, children must attend two years of Faith Formation classes so s/he has a basic catechesis before preparing for the Sacraments.


Prior to the reception of 1st Communion, a baptized child must have preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (sometimes referred to as Confession or Penance) and have the opportunity to receive it.


Immediate Preparation for the Sacraments usually involves a 2 hour retreat with the parent. This Immediate Preparation is separate from Faith Formation classes.


Children can begin formal Faith Formation classes in a variety of entry points. Don’t despair if life’s circumstances are bringing your child to the sacraments at an older age!  This is a very common occurrence and we will work with you and your child’s individual needs.


Please call the Faith Formation Director at 518 346-4926 x 121 or email for any further questions or to enroll your child in Faith Formation classes.




Adults seeking to prepare for the Sacrament of 1st Communion should contact Deacon Joseph Brennan at 518 346-4926 x 122 or   Arrangements will be made based on your individual circumstance.


Confirmation:  Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation that is closely connected to Baptism and Eucharist, even though it is often celebrated years later. It “perfects baptismal grace” and incorporates us more firmly into Christ and strengthens our bond with the whole Church and the mission of Christ. At Confirmation, one is strengthened in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us live more fully as disciples of Jesus Christ.




In Schenectady County, an individual must be baptized and minimally in Grade 11 or 16 years old to enter Confirmation preparation. At Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish s/he should have been in a Faith Formation program for at least two years prior to entering Confirmation preparation, and be willing and able to participate fully in the Immediate Preparation for Confirmation.


For youth, parent or parent/candidate sessions take place throughout High School years so that everyone is aware of the details of the preparation, and is ready to enter the process. Along with catechesis, a service component is included so youth may begin to build a Christian lifestyle.


The Immediate Preparation for the Sacrament begins with a personal conversation with the Catechetical Leader to discern where the candidate is in his/her journey to being a disciple of Jesus. The Preparation period also involves service, a series of gatherings for catechesis on the sacrament, and a retreat. 

Please call the Faith Formation Director at 518 346-4926 x 121 or email for any further questions or to enroll your child in Faith Formation classes.




Preparation for adults who have received the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion and are in full communion with the Catholic Church usually takes place once a week for several weeks prior to the Sacrament of Confirmation being offered at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church.


Adults seeking to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact Joseph Brennan at 518 346-4926 x 122 or


Marriage: Couples planning to be married at the parish should contact parish office at least six months [longer if possible] in advance.








Reconciliation (officially called the Sacrament of Penance, and also known as Confession) is a Sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ in his love and mercy to offer us forgiveness for the times we have sinned and turned away from God.

Anointing of the Sick Sacrament of the Sick may be requested for someone who is seriously ill and/or about to have major surgery. If one would like to receive the sacrament of the sick or be anointed prior to an operation, please contact the parish office or the pastor. Also, please let the parish office know if you are going to the hospital so the pastoral ministry staff can respond. For those who are homebound, visits by the priest, deacon or pastoral minister are made at the person's request.